Nike Pegasus Trail 2 GTX Review: The Most Comfortable Shoe EVER?

Nike Pegasus Trail 2 GTX

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Nike Pegasus Trail 2 GTX Review: The Most Comfortable Shoe EVER? Nike is a brand that is synonymous with quality, performance, and style. In other words, you can expect Nike shoes to be of the highest calibre in all of these areas. This is why we were so excited to test out the new Pegasus Trail 2 GTX from Nike. Much like the previous model, it’s built for trail running and hiking, nevertheless there are some upgrades that make this version even better. Let’s dig into the details.

The Good Stuff

First and foremost, the Pegasus Trail 2 GTX is ultra-comfortable. This shoe is designed with your foot’s natural shape and form in mind, so it feels like it’s a part of your body. The upper is made of breathable mesh that’s highly durable and lightweight. The other great feature is the cushioning. The midsole is made of a lightweight material that offers a little more cushioning than the previous model. The outsole features Continental Rubber, which is known for its durability. This rubber is highly versatile and is suited to a variety of surfaces such as mud, rocks, gravel, and dirt. It’s also very thick to ensure you get great traction on all types of terrain.

Mid-sole durability

The midsole of this shoe is one of the most durable we’ve ever seen. We tested them in a variety of conditions, but the midsole held up extremely well. You can even go as far as to say that it’s sturdier than the outsole, which is pretty impressive. When the midsole is this thick and durable, it means there’s less of a chance that it will lose its shape. Less material also means less weight, so the shoe is extra nimble.

Grip and traction on all surfaces

We also discovered that these shoes are great for all types of surfaces. The rubber on the outsole is thick and extremely sticky, so you can be sure to get great traction. It has a very strong grip on mud, grass, and dirt and is also pretty good on wet rocks. The rubber compound also has great durability and you can expect it to last a long time. You should be able to get a couple of years out of these shoes with no problems.

Waterproofing and Durability

The upper of this shoe is made of a waterproof nubuck material. While it doesn’t feature GoreTex, it’s been designed to be highly water resistant. The great thing about the water resistance is that it doesn’t affect the breathability of the shoe. We’ve tested them in both light rain and heavy rain and they kept our feet dry. The material also has excellent durability and after heavy use, it will retain most of its water resistance. The only thing to look out for is that the color will age a little over time.


These shoes require very little maintenance. We recommend brushing them off after every use. You can also use the clean to get rid of the mud and dirt. However, one thing we would like to point out is that the white color on these shoes will get dirty very quickly. So, if you want to keep them clean, we recommend wearing them only on dry days.


Overall, we think the Nike Pegasus Trail 2 GTX is a great choice for trail runners and hikers. They are durable, comfortable, and offer great traction on a variety of surfaces. They are ideal for trail running and hiking on soft to rocky terrain, including mud, dirt, and even gravel. The shoes have a waterproof nubuck upper, a thick midsole, and a thick outsole, which makes them durable and great for all types of terrain. The only thing we have to note is that they may not be the best choice if you’re looking to keep them clean.

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