Bassinet for Camping: Top Options for Baby Sleep Comfort (2023-2024)

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When camping with a baby, it’s essential to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment to ensure a good night’s sleep for everyone. That’s where a bassinet for camping comes into play. Specially designed to meet the unique needs of outdoor adventures, a camping bassinet offers a lightweight and portable solution to keep your little one cozy and secure.

While traditional bassinets may not be suitable for outdoor use, camping bassinets are designed with durability and ease of use in mind. They often feature sturdy frames and materials that can withstand various weather conditions, while remaining lightweight and easy to transport. Some models even include additional features such as mosquito nets or sun protection, providing added safety and comfort for your baby.

Finding the right bassinet for your camping adventure can make all the difference in providing a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for your baby. We’ve spent countless hours researching various bassinets for camping to help you make an informed decision and create unforgettable memories under the stars.

Best Bassinets for Camping

Discover our top picks for the best bassinets for camping, specially curated to ensure your little one’s comfort and safety during outdoor adventures. Dive into the list below to find the perfect bassinet tailored to your needs.

Mrisata Upgrade Travel Bassinet

Upgrade Travel Bassinet

A must-have for camping trips with your little one, thanks to its lightweight design and washable fabric.


  • High quality, safe materials
  • Multifunctional with storage options
  • Washable and easy to clean


  • Limited color options
  • Possible size issues for larger babies
  • Manual measurements may have errors

The Mrisata Upgrade Travel Bassinet is the perfect companion for camping trips with your baby. Made from high quality linen cotton material, it offers a comfortable, soft, and breathable sleeping environment for your little one. Its tightly sewn and tear-resistant design ensures safety and durability during your outdoor adventures.

This travel bassinet is not only a crib, but also folds into a storage bag, making it easy to carry around. Its multiple storage pockets provide extra space for essentials like feeding bottles and baby wipes. This is a lifesaver for mothers who want a versatile and portable solution for their baby’s needs.

A standout feature of the Mrisata bassinet is its washable and easy-to-clean fabric. Camping trips can be messy, but this bassinet ensures that your baby’s sleeping space remains hygienic and fresh. Simply remove the fabric, wash it, and let it dry in a well-ventilated area before using it again.

While this product offers many benefits, it’s worth noting that there is a limited color selection – only available in Red Wine. Additionally, the product’s manual measurements may result in size discrepancies, so double-check the dimensions to ensure it’s the right fit for your baby.

Munchkin Brica Baby Travel Pod, Grey

Munchkin Brica Baby Travel Pod

The Munchkin Brica Travel Pod is a reliable option for families seeking a portable bassinet for their camping adventures.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Safe and durable with a locking frame
  • Ventilated and breathable mesh panels for baby’s comfort


  • Mattress can crease from folding, making it less comfortable
  • Requires a flat surface for safe use
  • Maximum weight limit of 15 lbs may be limiting for larger babies

When you’re heading out for a camping trip, having a comfortable and safe place for your baby to sleep is essential. The Munchkin Brica Baby Travel Pod provides that comforting space while being easy to transport and set up in a pinch. The bassinet’s breathable mesh panels and soft pad ensure your baby stays comfortable while they rest or play.

The lightweight and compact design of the Munchkin Brica Travel Pod make it perfect for camping trips and other outdoor adventures. It weighs less than 3 lbs., making it a breeze to carry around with you. The locking frame and durable side walls offer stability and security, while the integrated handle allows for easy transportation from one location to another.

One thing to keep in mind is that the mattress of the Travel Pod can become creased from folding, which might impact the comfort it provides for your baby. Additionally, the bassinet requires a flat surface to ensure it’s safe and stable for your baby during their sleep. Also, the 15 lbs maximum weight limit may be a concern for families with larger babies or those planning extended trips.

Biliboo Premium Baby Lounger

Biliboo Baby Lounger

This baby lounger is an excellent choice for camping with your little one, offering comfort, safety, and portability.


  • Versatile and multifunctional
  • Premium quality materials and safety
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Confusing assembly for some users
  • Might not be suitable for larger babies
  • Limited size range

The Biliboo Premium Baby Lounger is designed with versatility in mind, as it can be used as a newborn baby lounger, infant lounger, sleeper, or a cozy spot for your baby to rest and play. This makes it a convenient option for you when going on a camping trip, ensuring that your baby has a comfortable resting place.

The quality and safety of the materials used in this baby lounger is top-notch. The soft and breathable cover is hypoallergenic, ensuring your baby’s safety while sleeping. Plus, the baby stays in a secure position, giving you peace of mind, especially during nighttime camping.

One thing that is worth noting is the lightweight and portable design of Biliboo’s baby lounger. It’s easy to move around, so you can keep your baby close while you work on other tasks during your camping trip. The ease of packing it up and taking on the go makes it a perfect choice for camping enthusiasts.

However, some users might find the assembly process a bit confusing, especially when attaching the netting pieces. But once you figure it out, it becomes a breeze the next time you set it up.

The Biliboo baby lounger might not be suitable for larger babies as it comes in a limited size range. So, make sure to consider your baby’s size before making a purchase.

nordmiex Travel Bassinet

nordmiex Travel Bassinet

This lightweight and portable bassinet is a valuable choice for camping trips with your baby.


  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Mesh canopy for protection and breathability
  • Easy-to-clean mattress pad included


  • May not be suitable for larger infants
  • Folds flat but can still be a bit bulky for compact travel
  • Hand wash only

The nordmiex Travel Bassinet is perfect for camping trips with your little one. The durable and lightweight design makes it easy for you to carry the bassinet around, ensuring that your baby has a comfortable and safe place to sleep. The full mesh canopy offers protection from bugs and other outdoor elements while still being breathable for your baby’s comfort.

The included 1″ thick mattress pad is easy to clean and provides a comfortable surface for your infant to rest on. However, if your baby starts to push up on hands and knees or reaches 15 lbs, it’s time to stop using this bassinet for safety reasons. While the bassinet does fold flat for storage, it can still feel a bit bulky when you’re trying to pack light for camping.

One downside is that the care instructions require hand washing only, which may be inconvenient while camping. Nevertheless, the nordmiex Travel Bassinet is a practical solution for those who love to camp and want a comfortable and safe sleep space for their baby.

Buying Guide

Choosing the perfect bassinet for camping can be a bit overwhelming with so many options available in the market. Here’s a guide to help you make the right decision based on your specific needs.

Features to Consider

When purchasing a camping bassinet, you’ll want to look at these main features to ensure it’ll best suit your needs:

  1. Portability: A camping bassinet should be easy to carry around, so it’s crucial to find one that is lightweight and able to fold or pack compactly.
  2. Sturdiness: You’ll definitely want a bassinet that can withstand the rough conditions of camping, so look for sturdy materials and a robust frame.
  3. Comfort: Your baby’s comfort is of utmost importance, so consider options with a good quality mattress and breathable fabrics.
  4. Safety: The bassinet should have stable supports and meet safety standards for baby products.
  5. Easy to clean: During your camping trip, the bassinet may get dirty from mud or spills; opting for materials that are easy to clean or machine washable will be beneficial.

Comparing Products

To help you choose the best bassinet, you can compare products using the following criteria:

PortabilityHighLightweight materials, compact when folded, easy transport
SturdinessHighQuality materials and frame
ComfortHighGood mattress quality, breathable fabrics
SafetyEssentialStable supports, safety standards met
Easy to cleanMediumMachine washable fabrics, easy-to-clean materials

Keep in mind that you might have to make trade-offs between competing factors, such as portability versus sturdiness.

Read Reviews

Before making your final decision, take the time to read reviews from other users who have purchased the bassinet you are interested in. You can learn a lot about the product’s real-life performance and get a sense of its pros and cons by reading through their experiences.

Remember, finding the best bassinet for camping may involve some trial and error. With this guide, you should have a clearer idea of what to look for in a camping bassinet to ensure your little one has a safe and comfortable sleeping space during your camping adventures.

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