Rooftop Tents

Sleeping on top of your car is the best camping experience I’ve ever had.

rooftop tent on suv

Mounting a rooftop tent to your vehicle offers a unique blend of convenience and adventure for your camping experience. With the elevated sleeping platform of a roof top tent, you’re […]

Rooftop tents are a game changer for avid campers and adventurers, providing the perfect mix of convenience and comfort when exploring the great outdoors. Setting up camp has never been

Imagine this: You’ve just found the perfect mountainside camp spot after a day’s drive in your trusty Subaru Outback. The sun is dipping below the horizon, and all that’s left

If you’ve ever relished the experience of camping atop your vehicle, you’ll understand the pure elation of drifting off under a canopy of stars with a panoramic view of the

Tents with stove jacks are the game-changers of the cold-weather camping realm. Picture this: a rugged canvas tent, snow softly falling outside, and within, a warm stove crackling, making your

Imagine this: the freedom of the open road, the spontaneity of sleeping wherever you fancy, and the magic of starry nights with the comforts of your car just an arm’s

Winter adventures often require extra planning and gear, and when it comes to camping, having a great rooftop tent can make all the difference. This specific type of tent is

There you are, deep in the heart of the forest or perched atop a mountain vista, nestled inside your pop-up camper. The sights and sounds of nature are intoxicating. But

There’s no feeling quite like peering out from your rooftop tent, perched high above, sipping a warm drink, and watching the sunrise paint the horizon. But let’s keep it real:

Do Rooftop Tents Damage The Roof? (Should You Consider It?)

A rooftop tent is a portable tent that one attaches to their car’s roof. Rooftop tents come with hard or soft tops and can be bought from household manufacturers such

How to Get Dogs Into Your Roof (7 Unique Ways!)

Rooftop tents are becoming increasingly well-liked among campers and for a good reason. They provide a distinctive and cozy camping sleeping experience and let you enjoy breathtaking views from above. 

Can You Leave Bedding In Rooftop Tents? (Yes, But How Much)?

In recent years, outdoor enthusiasts have become increasingly interested in rooftop tents. They provide a comfortable and practical alternative to pitching a conventional tent on the ground when camping in

Are Roof Top Tents Safe from Bears? (10 Precautions!)

One of the most significant dangers while camping is encountering wildlife, particularly bears. While camping in a tent on the ground can put you close to bears, many campers opt

How to Stop Condensation in Roof Top Tents? (Step-by-Step Process!)

Rooftop tents have become increasingly popular among camping enthusiasts as they provide a convenient and comfortable way to sleep outdoors.  However, condensation can be a common problem that campers encounter

Are Roof Top Tents Removable? (How to Remove Roof Top Tents?)

If you are an avid camper or outdoor enthusiast, consider investing in a rooftop tent for your vehicle. Rooftop tents are a popular option for those who want a comfortable

Are Roof Top Tents Allowed in National Parks? (Is It Legal?)

Rooftop tents are designed to be mounted on vehicles, providing a convenient and comfortable camping experience. However, if you’re planning a national park trip, you may wonder if rooftop tents

How Are Roof Top Tents Supported? (With These Things!)

However, you may be wondering how rooftop tents are supported and if they can withstand the weight of a person or two.  A combination of the roof rack, the mounting

Roof Top Tent vs. Truck Bed Tent: What's Better for Sleeping?

When it comes to camping, having a comfortable and secure place to sleep is essential. Two popular options for camping accommodations are rooftop tents (RTTs) and truck bed tents.  

Roof Top Tent vs Ground Tent

Camping is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get in touch with nature. Choosing the right tent is among the most critical decisions

what is the lightest roof top tent

Rooftop tents (RTTs) have become increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts who want a comfortable and convenient camping experience. They offer a way to camp without setting up a traditional tent

Can You Put a Rooftop Tent on a Sedan? (Is It Safe?)

Rooftop tents (RTTs) have become increasingly popular among campers and outdoor enthusiasts, as they offer a convenient way to set up camp just about anywhere.  However, if you own a

What is the Biggest Roof Top Tent? (8 Interesting Facts!)

Are you an avid camper who is always on the lookout for the latest camping gear? What is the biggest rooftop tent on the market today? Well, look no further

Can You Live In A Roof Top Tent? (9 Things to Know!)

You may have heard of rooftop tents if you love camping and adventure. They offer a unique and exciting way to camp, with the added benefit of setting up camp

Can You Put A Rooftop Tent On A Rav4? (Read Before Mounting!)

Rooftop tents have become increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts, providing an elevated and comfortable sleeping experience while camping. However, many SUV owners wonder if their vehicles are suitable for rooftop

Can a roof top tent go on a canopy? (Solved and Explained!)

Are you an avid adventurer who loves camping and exploring the great outdoors? If so, consider investing in a rooftop tent for your next camping trip.  However, if you already

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