Best Camping Hammock for Big Guys (2023)

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One of the essential pieces of gear for any camping enthusiast is a comfortable and reliable place to sleep. That’s where a camping hammock comes in. Not only do they provide a comfortable sleeping spot, but they also elevate you off the ground, keeping you away from dampness and critters.

For the big guys out there, finding a camping hammock that can accommodate their size and weight may be a challenge. But fear not, there are options available specifically designed with the needs of larger campers in mind. These hammocks usually have higher weight capacities, wider dimensions, and durable materials to ensure a secure and comfortable night’s rest.

When choosing the best camping hammock for big guys, it’s crucial to consider factors like weight capacity, dimensions, material quality, and suspension systems. It’s essential to ensure that the hammock can support your weight and provide enough space for a comfortable sleep. Additionally, a durable material will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also ensure your hammock lasts for many camping trips to come.

So, with these factors in mind, we’ve done the legwork to find the best camping hammocks suitable for bigger individuals. Our recommendations will provide both comfort and durability for your next outdoor adventure.

Best Camping Hammocks for Big Guys

Here’s out list of the top camping hammocks perfect for big guys out there. Kick back, relax, and check out our favorites below.

Covacure Camping Hammock

Covacure Camping Hammock

Covacure Camping Hammock is a reliable and comfortable option for big guys who love outdoor adventures.


  • Durable and tear-resistant material
  • Convenient mosquito net included
  • Lightweight and easy setup


  • Straps may be too short for some situations
  • Questionable weight capacity
  • Mosquito net may sag

Campers who took the Covacure Camping Hammock on an outdoor adventure and found it to be a great addition to their camping gear. The 210T parachute nylon material is not only tear-resistant but also breathable and quick-drying which makes a huge difference when you’re out in the elements.

The attached mosquito net is a fantastic feature, especially for those camping in bug-infested areas. No more waking up covered in itchy bites! However, they did notice that the mosquito net tends to sag a bit, so you might need to get creative with rope or other supports to keep it off your face while you snooze.

Setting up the hammock was a breeze, and it packed away into a small integrated stuff sack making it perfect for backpacking or travel. They noticed that the straps seemed a bit short for certain situations, but managed to make it work. And although it claims to hold up to 772 pounds, they didn’t put it to the test with that much weight. It did hold up well for a big guy weighing around 240 pounds without any major issues.

Easthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer Double Camping Hammock

Easthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer Hammock

This versatile and comfortable camping hammock should definitely be on your list of must-haves for your next outdoor adventure.


  • High-quality material and design for durability
  • Spacious enough for two adults
  • All-inclusive package with tree straps, bug net, and rainfly


  • Some users report stitch fraying and minor tears
  • Requires gentle handling to ensure longevity
  • Potential for missing accessories in the shipment

Given the chance to try out the Easthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer Double Camping Hammock, you’ll be impressed with its quality and design. Crafted from high-strength, breathable 210T Taffeta parachute material with triple stitch edge seams, this hammock is spacious and comfortably fits two adults, making it perfect for a relaxing outdoor hangout.

One of the best features of this hammock is its included No-See-Um mesh bug net, which has 2500 holes per square inch to keep even the smallest pests away. The top mesh mosquito net can be removed, allowing for versatility in different environments. Additionally, it comes with everything needed for a hassle-free setup, including tree straps, carabiners, guylines, aluminum stakes, and a waterproof rainfly. This all-in-one package makes it easy to bring along to your campsite and set up within minutes.

As much as you’ll enjoy the comfort and convenience of the Easthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer Hammock, a few campers did notice some downsides. Some users reported that the stitching frayed after a short time, leading to concerns about its longevity. Additionally, small tears appeared after contact with sharp objects such as pine needles. Though it’s crucial to handle the hammock gently and ensure its surroundings are clear of any damaging items, these durability concerns are worth considering.

Legit Camping Hammock

Legit Camping Hammock

This hammock is a fantastic choice for big guys who seek durability and comfort during their camping adventures.


  • Spacious and comfortable for two
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy and quick setup


  • Not suitable for extreme weather conditions
  • Storage bag could be better designed
  • Straps not included with the hammock

The Legit Camping Hammock stands out as a great option for the big guys. Its double size design not only provides ample space, but its high-quality nylon material ensures a comfortable sleeping experience.

Weighing in at just under 2 pounds, this lightweight portable hammock is perfect to take backpacking or on any outdoor adventure. Although it does not come with straps included, it is compatible with most generic tree-friendly straps available on the market.

You’ll particularly appreciate how easy it was to set up the Legit Camping Hammock. Even as newbies to hammock camping, you’re able to get it hung in just a matter of minutes. The built-in storage bag is a nice bonus, but the design could be better as it tends to hang too low when the hammock is in use.

One thing some campers noticed is that this hammock may not be the best choice for extreme weather conditions; however, it’s perfect for casual camping trips and relaxing outdoors with friends or family.

KAMMOK Roo Single Hammock

KAMMOK Roo Single Hammock

The KAMMOK Roo Single Hammock is perfect for big guys seeking a comfortable and durable camping hammock.


  • Extremely comfortable with patented GravitasX fabric
  • Customizable with multiple gear loops and accessory options
  • Compact and lightweight, making it ideal for travel


  • Some users reported durability issues
  • Slightly higher price point than competitors
  • Limited color options

Campers who took the KAMMOK Roo Single Hammock on a camping trip we were blown away by its comfort. The GravitasX fabric used in the construction of this hammock is soft, water-resistant, and breathable. Sleeping in it felt like a dream, and they couldn’t believe how comfortable it is compared to other hammocks tried.

Another aspect that impressed us was the customizability it offered. With eight gear loops along the sides, you’re able to attach a pillow, snap in some sleep insulation like the Firebelly 30 trail quilt, and keep smaller belongings off the ground. Having this level of adaptability truly enhances the overall camping experience.

What’s more, the Roo Single Hammock is compact and lightweight, packing into an attached roll-top, water-resistant stuff sack around the size of a beer can. You’ll find it extremely convenient to include it in a daypack and have it at the ready whenever you feel like hanging out and relaxing.

However, some users mentioned durability concerns, but it’s crucial to note its impressive 500-pound weight capacity. The hammock’s GravitasX 40D diamond ripstop nylon fabric is engineered for strength, so perhaps only a few units faced manufacturing defects.

The pricing of the KAMMOK Roo Single Hammock is on the higher side, but we believe that the comfort, customizability, and compactness it offers justify the cost. Plus, it comes with a lifetime adventure grade warranty, giving you peace of mind in case any issues arise.

Kootek Camping Hammock

Kootek Camping Hammock

If you’re a big guy looking for the ultimate camping hammock, the Kootek Camping Hammock is the way to go.


  • 500 lb weight capacity, perfect for big guys or sharing with a partner
  • Lightweight and portable, great for any outdoor adventure
  • Tree-friendly straps with 18+1 loops for easy setup and adjustability


  • Material may feel too thin for some users
  • Carabiners might need upgrading for increased durability
  • Some users might find the hammock too spacious

Campers tried the Kootek Camping Hammock, and it definitely passed the big guy test. It’s not often you find a hammock that combines a 500 lb weight capacity with a lightweight and portable design, but this one hits the mark! Whether you’re flying solo or sharing the space, this hammock is roomy enough to sprawl out and get comfy.

Setting up our Kootek hammock is a breeze, thanks to the tree-friendly straps with 18+1 loops. No more fumbling around with knots; just clip on the hammock and adjusted it to the desired height. It’s perfect for a quick afternoon nap or stargazing at night. One thing to note, the material may feel a bit thin for some users, but this didn’t affect the overall comfort of most campers.

While the provided carabiners held up well during use, they might need an upgrade down the line for increased durability. As we mentioned earlier, some users might find this hammock almost too spacious, but we consider that a pro for big guys.

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

This hammock is an excellent choice for big guys who want a comfortable, durable, and easy-to-set-up camping hammock.


  • Extremely comfortable and spacious
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Simple and quick setup with included straps and carabiners


  • Material may feel thin despite strength
  • Might need additional warmth for cold nights
  • Longer straps may be needed for wider tree spacing

For campers who took the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock on a camping trip, it definitely left a great impression. The parachute nylon material was soft and comfortable, making it perfect for relaxing by the fire or sleeping under the stars. Even though the material might look thin at first glance, it proved to be strong and durable which is an essential factor for big guys.

The hammock comes in a compact size, weighing only 24oz, and it easily fits into a backpack. Setting it up was also a breeze with the included tree straps and carabiners. The hammock features five separate loops, ensuring a perfect height adjustment. Thanks to its premium quality construction, the hammock is capable of holding up to 500 lbs (double hammock version).

One thing to keep in mind is that the material might require some extra insulation during colder nights. If you plan on using it during winter, consider investing in a proper sleeping pad or underquilt to stay warm. And, although the included straps work well for most setups, you might need longer straps for wider tree spacing.

Bear Butt Camping Hammock

Bear Butt Camping Hammock

We highly recommend this Bear Butt Camping Hammock for big guys craving comfort and durability in the great outdoors.


  • Quick setup and takedown
  • Comfortable and durable material
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • Not ideal for sharp objects
  • Straps not included
  • Could benefit from additional accessories

As big guys really appreciate the Bear Butt Camping Hammock for its immense comfort. It’s also super easy to set up and take down, making camping trips more efficient. The material used is durable and sturdy, so campers feel secure lying in it while embracing nature’s beauty. This is especially important when backpacking or going on a long hike.

The Bear Butt Camping Hammock is lightweight and compact, weighing only 1.5lbs. Despite the small size, it can accommodate two people comfortably, with a legal weight capacity of 500lbs. Its compact design makes it perfect for carrying on long hikes or storing away when not in use.

However, some campers did notice a few areas that could be improved. The hammock might not hold up well if sharp objects come into contact with it, so be cautious! Additionally, the package doesn’t include straps for hanging it up. You’ll need to purchase those separately. Finally, the hammock has the potential to be even better if it were bundled with other outdoor accessories.

ENO DoubleNest Camping Hammock

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

This hammock is ideal for big guys or couples seeking comfort and durability during their camping adventures.


  • Can support up to 400 pounds
  • Lightweight and highly packable
  • High-quality materials used


  • Straps sold separately
  • A bit pricey
  • Color and stitching may vary

When it comes to camping hammocks, the ENO DoubleNest truly stands out as a top contender. Campers who took this hammock on several trips and can attest to its quality and comfort. This one is perfect for big guys or even couples, as it can support up to 400 pounds without breaking a sweat.

What sets the DoubleNest apart from others is its lightweight and highly packable design. Weighing in at just 19 ounces, it unfolds to a generous 9’4″ x 6’2″ and packs down into an attached 5″ x 5″ storage bag. This makes it an easy addition to any camping or hiking trip without adding excessive weight or taking up much space.

The materials used in the ENO DoubleNest are top-notch and designed to last. The hammock itself is made from 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta, which is both breathable and quick-drying. While using it, we never had any concerns about durability or falling, though it’s worth noting that the suspension straps are sold separately.

Our only gripes with the DoubleNest are minor. For one, it’s a bit on the pricey side – but if you’re willing to invest in your camping experience, we believe it’s well worth the cost. Additionally, be aware that when ordering, the color and stitching of your hammock might vary from what’s pictured. However, this doesn’t impact the performance or comfort of the product.

SZHLUX Camping Hammock

SZHLUX Camping Hammock

Grab this awesome hammock if you’re a big guy looking for a comfortable and durable camping hammock perfect for your next outdoor adventure.


  • Adjustable tree-friendly straps
  • 500lbs capacity for 2-person use
  • Durable and comfortable material


  • Might feel oversized for smaller users
  • Thin material raises concerns about longevity
  • Straps could be more robust

Campers who gave the SZHLUX Camping Hammock a test run absolutely loved its adaptability and spaciousness. The adjustable tree-friendly straps made setting up a breeze and prevented unwanted damage to the trees. With a weight capacity of 500lbs, big guys had no problem chilling in the hammock alongside the little ones without feeling cramped.

Made of 210T parachute fabric material, the hammock was resistant to fraying, tearing, and dirt. Even after getting it wet and dirty, it was easy to clean and dried up quickly. Its softness also provided exceptional comfort during relaxation sessions. However, some smaller users felt like it was too much material, so if you like a snugger fit, this might not be your favorite pick.

One concern we had was the thinness of the material. While it held up during tests, we had reservations about its long-term durability. Another minor issue was the straps – they could have been sturdier to ensure more confidence while hanging from trees.

Outerman Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Outerman Camping Hammock

We think this hammock is an excellent option for big guys who want a comfortable and bug-free camping experience.


  • Durable and supports up to 500lb
  • Built-in mosquito net
  • Easy to install with automatic pop-up design


  • Net is not removable
  • Material could be better quality
  • May be smaller than expected for some users

The Outerman Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net is a fantastic choice for big guys who need a durable and comfortable hammock for their outdoor adventures. Made from sturdy 75 D nylon and 210T polyester, this hammock can support up to 500lb and has an extended size of 120×55 inches. The new ship structure combined with struts provides stability and prevents rollover, which is essential when you’re trying to relax and sleep outdoors.

One of the standout features of this hammock is the built-in mosquito net. Equipped with small and dense mesh, it effectively keeps mosquitoes, bugs, and other wild insects at bay. Additionally, two sunshades on both sides of the hammock offer protection from sunlight and moonlight, ensuring a sound sleep. However, it’s essential to note that the net is not removable, which could be a drawback for some users who prefer a versatile hammock. Despite this, the net can be stowed away if not needed or simply flipped around to benefit from the hammock side.

Installation is a breeze with the automatic pop-up design and included tree straps, carabiners, and tie ropes. The adjustable tree-friendly straps are 10 feet long and feature 18 loops, making it easy to lock the hammock at the perfect height and comfort level. At a weight of 3.4lb, it’s portable and lightweight – ideal for activities like camping, hiking, backpacking, and even just relaxing in your backyard. The built-in ultralight compression sack is a nice touch for stowing away accessories like your phone or glasses.

One drawback encountered is that the material could be of better quality. Some users mentioned that it feels like a cheaper hammock, which might be a concern for durability in the long run. Additionally, the hammock may be smaller than expected for some users, so ensure you consider those factors when making your decision.

Buying Guide

When it comes to finding the best camping hammock for big guys, there are several aspects you should consider to ensure maximum comfort and durability. In this buying guide, we’ll cover essential features you should look out for to help you make an informed decision.

Weight Capacity

One of the most critical factors to consider is the weight capacity of the hammock. You’ll want to ensure it can comfortably support your weight. Most camping hammocks have a weight capacity ranging from 300 to 500 pounds. It’s always a good idea to choose a hammock with a higher weight limit than needed for added comfort and safety.


Another vital aspect is the material from which the hammock is made. Nylon and polyester are popular fabric choices in the camping world because they are lightweight, durable, and resistant to mildew and UV damage. Make sure the hammock is made of high-quality materials to withstand wear and tear, especially if you plan to use it frequently.


It’s essential to find a hammock with adequate length and width to accommodate your body comfortably. Look for options with a spacious design that allows enough room to stretch out and relax. Usually, hammocks are available in single and double sizes – double-sized ones being roomier – so choose according to your preference and needs.

Suspension System

An easy-to-use and reliable suspension system is a must for setting up your hammock without hassle. Most hammocks come with straps, carabiners, or a combination of both. Ensure that the suspension system is strong and adjustable so you can conveniently hang the hammock between trees or other anchor points.

Here’s a quick comparison of hammock features in a table format:

Weight CapacityEnsure it can comfortably support your weight
MaterialLook for durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant fabrics
DimensionsChoose a hammock with sufficient length and width for comfort
Suspension SystemOpt for an easy-to-use and adjustable suspension system

Considering the factors mentioned above will help you find the best camping hammock for big guys that ticks all the boxes. With the right choice, your outdoor adventures will be more enjoyable and restful.

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