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When you’re setting up camp with your hammock, one of the first things you’ll want is protection from the rain. A hammock rain fly is not just a piece of gear—it’s your shelter from the elements, the barrier that stands between you and the unpredictability of mother nature. Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a casual outdoor enthusiast, an effective hammock rain fly is essential for comfort and safety in the great outdoors. It transforms your exposed hammock into a cozy haven, allowing you to enjoy the sounds of nature without worrying about getting soaked.

Selecting the right rain fly can seem overwhelming at first, with the array of shapes, sizes, and materials available. The size and shape will determine the amount of coverage and protection for both you and your gear. You’ll find models ranging from minimalist designs meant for light drizzles to full-coverage options that can withstand heavy downpours. The material of the rain fly impacts not just its durability but also the weight you’ll carry on your back—important for those who hike long distances.

With the right hammock rain fly, your peaceful retreat in the trees will stay dry and comfortable, no matter the weather. As you consider your options, think about your specific needs and how each feature will serve you in the environment you’ll be facing.

Top Hammock Rain Fly Picks

Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or just enjoy the occasional outdoor lounging, staying dry is key to a comfortable hammock experience. That’s where a quality hammock rain fly becomes indispensable. It protects you and your gear from the elements, turning your hammock into an all-weather haven. The following selections represent the top choices on the market, each offering a blend of reliability, coverage, and easy setup, ensuring you’re prepared no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Wise Owl Rain Tarp

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Tarp

If you’re after a hammock rain fly that’s a cinch to set up and stands strong against the elements, this one’s a smart pick.


  • Exceptional protection in heavy rain and windy conditions
  • Straightforward and quick to set up
  • Lightweight, making it ideal for backpacking


  • Guy lines could be more durable
  • Not the lightest option available
  • Reflective materials for guy lines could be improved for safety

Trudging through damp woodlands, your Wise Owl rain fly proves to be the sanctuary after a long day. As moisture beads effortlessly on its surface, you’re grateful for the decision to pack this rain fly. Your dry, cozy hammock beneath is a testament to its effectiveness.

Its substantial coverage area becomes evident as you unfurl it over your hammock, ensuring every corner is a haven from the rain. Even as a novice camper, you find the setup process intuitive. The aluminum stakes plant firmly into the ground, giving you a sense of security as the wind picks up.

Weighing scarcely more than a convenience store water bottle, toting the rain fly on your hiking endeavors feels like no extra burden at all. This is appreciated most when you’re summiting peaks or crossing long stretches of unshaded terrain. Despite its light weight, you notice its durability; crafted with ripstop nylon, it feels as though it could withstand the most relentless downpour.

Bear Butt Hammock Tarp

Bear Butt Hammock Rain Fly

If you’re hunting for shelter on your next outdoor escape, this hammock rain fly has got your back, come rain or shine.


  • Sets up in a snap, keeping you dry without the wait
  • Impressively lightweight, ensuring your pack stays light
  • Sturdy build quality, standing tough against the elements


  • May need to seal the seams, depending on your needs
  • Color options are limited if aesthetic is a deal-breaker
  • The size could be bulky for solo adventurers

As you string your hammock between two trees, the simplicity of throwing this rain fly over it makes setup a breeze. The reflective guy lines catch the moonlight, guiding you even after dusk settles. You’ll hardly notice the extra weight in your backpack, which is a real gift after a long day’s trek.

Not only does it shield you from the downpour, but you’ll appreciate the extra dry space for your gear. The orange hue of the tarp blends in nicely with the autumn woods or stands out when you need to spot your camp.

Using this tarp in the wild, you’re likely to get the urge to extend your stay—it’s that reliable. With enough room to cover your sleeping area thoroughly, you can rest assured you’ll wake up as dry as you bedded down. However, consider treating those seams with a sealer before you set out for total peace of mind.

Gold Armour Rainfly Tarp

Gold Armour Rainfly Tarp

Stay dry on your camping trips with the Gold Armour Rainfly Tarp, a robust shelter against the weather.


  • Durable construction offers high-level weather protection
  • Versatile design suitable for a range of outdoor activities
  • Comes with all necessary accessories for quick setup


  • Slightly heavier compared to some ultra-lightweight options
  • May require careful handling to prevent damage over time
  • Tie points could need reinforcement with heavy use

Experiencing the Gold Armour Rainfly Tarp in the wild, its durability stands out immediately. Whether it’s a torrential downpour or a gentle drizzle, you stay remarkably dry beneath its ample cover. It’s evident that the materials chosen are meant to last, delivering just the right balance of sturdiness without being too cumbersome.

The versatility of this rainfly is impressive. With myriad tying points, setting it up as a hammock cover or a standalone shelter is nearly effortless. Each configuration—whether you’re angling for more wind resistance or maximum rain cover—feels like it’s been tailored just for you, with a snug fit that instills confidence even as the weather turns.

Carrying the Gold Armour Rainfly Tarp doesn’t bog you down. It’s light enough to not be a burden, yet it’s substantial in build, reassuring you that it’s not going to be the first piece of gear to fail when you’re miles from civilization. The included guy lines, tensioners, and stakes are a nod to convenience, letting you swiftly create a dry haven that feels like home outdoors.

Pro Venture Hammock Rain Fly

Pro Venture Hammock Rain Fly

If you’re in the market for robust protection against the elements during your hammock camping trips, this rain fly is a solid pick.


  • Impressive water repellence keeps you dry even during heavy rain
  • Lightweight and compact, making it a breeze to carry on the trail
  • Intuitive setup saves you time and hassle at camp


  • The actual length is slightly less than advertised
  • At 1.8 lbs, there are lighter options available for ultralight backpackers
  • Shipping complications may arise, affecting delivery speed

Nestled between two trees, as the rain pours, you’ll be in complete awe of how the Pro Venture Rain Fly effortlessly repelled water. This durable ripstop nylon fortress is the shield you didn’t know you needed, turning your hammock into a dry haven in the midst of nature’s downpour.

With this hex-shaped architectural marvel above you, the rain’s patter becomes a soothing backdrop, rather than a wet annoyance. The rain fly stretches generously to cover your hammock, and it grants you that peace of mind only true waterproofing can provide.

Getting this rain fly up is a no-fuss affair; no need to fumble with complicated instructions as the sky opens up. The included lightweight aluminum stakes and guy lines with tensioners mean that in minutes, you’re dry and cozy, sipping on your favorite warm beverage, listening to the symphony of the rain.

ENO ProFly XL SIL Rain Tarp

ENO ProFly XL SIL Rain Tarp

If you’re eager to keep dry on your next hammock adventure, the ENO ProFly XL SIL Rain Tarp is your go-to gear.


  • Ample coverage to keep you and your gear dry
  • High-visibility with reflective cords
  • Setup is a breeze with integrated tensioners


  • Premium pricing compared to other options
  • Color may differ from images shown
  • It might be overly large for solo hikers

When you’re suspended between trees, the last thing you want is a downpour to dampen your spirit. A camper who recently hung up the ENO ProFly XL over his hammock setup found its substantial shelter area was immediately noticeable. You can confidently stash your backpack and boots under its expansive wingspan, safeguarded from even the most persistent rain.

What’s especially handy is the reflective cording. As evening turns to night, the subtle glint of the cording caught his headlamp’s light, a small but thoughtful feature preventing late-night trip-ups. This is particularly helpful when you’ve wandered a bit to admire the stars and need to find your way back to bed.

Pitching the ENO ProFly XL was simpler than many tarp setups the camper tussled with in the past. The LineLoc tensioners are a godsend, letting you tweak the tension with a pinch and a pull. It’s the kind of convenience that turns a good shelter into a great one, noticeably reducing setup time so you can unwind sooner.

Resting under the ENO ProFly XL, you’ll experience immediate peace of mind. The rustle of rain on nylon overhead has a calming effect rather than causing concern for your gear’s wellbeing. This tarp, without a doubt, nails the balance between durability and utility. Whether you’re gearing up for a weekend getaway or preparing for a backcountry excursion, remember that solid, dry ground can be found above, suspended under your own slice of waterproof sky.

Buying Guide

Key Features

When you’re in the market for a hammock rain fly, there are several features you need to consider to ensure you’re getting the best protection from the elements:

  • Material: Look for durable and waterproof materials, such as ripstop nylon or polyester. It’s essential that your rain fly can withstand heavy rains without leaking.
  • Size: Ensure the rain fly is large enough to cover your hammock and provide ample space underneath for gear storage. However, it shouldn’t be too large, as it might catch wind or be cumbersome to set up.
  • Shape: Rain flies come in multiple shapes including diamond, hexagonal, and rectangular. Your choice affects coverage and setup. Hexagonal and rectangular shapes usually offer more coverage but require a bit more effort to set up compared to a diamond-shaped fly.
  • Weight and Packability: If you’re a backpacker, you’ll want a rain fly that’s lightweight and compact. Check the packed size and weight to ensure it aligns with your needs.
  • Attachment Points: A rain fly with multiple attachment points offers flexibility in setup and can provide better tension for improved stability in windy conditions.

Must-Have Accessories

In addition to the rain fly itself, you’ll need a few accessories for proper setup:

  • Guy Lines: Strong and adjustable guy lines are crucial for securing your rain fly in various conditions.
  • Stakes: Quality stakes will anchor your rain fly firmly to the ground. Lightweight aluminum or titanium stakes are sturdy yet easy to carry.
  • Ridgeline: Some rain flies require a ridgeline for setup. It’s typically a sturdy cord that runs above your hammock from which the rain fly is suspended.

Here’s a simple table to help you summarize what to look for:

Attachment PointsHigh
Guy LinesEssential

By focusing on these aspects, you’ll be well on your way to choosing a rain fly that keeps you dry and comfortable during your hammock adventures.

top image credit: Christoffer Blomq/Flickr, CC 2.0

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