How to Get Dogs Into Your Rooftop Tent (7 Unique Ways!)

How to Get Dogs Into Your Roof (7 Unique Ways!)

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Rooftop tents are becoming increasingly well-liked among campers and for a good reason. They provide a distinctive and cozy camping sleeping experience and let you enjoy breathtaking views from above. 

But if you want to bring your pet camping, you may wonder how to get your dog into your rooftop tent. 

This article will describe seven original strategies for getting your dog inside your rooftop tent that will be covered in this post. 

How Do You Get Dogs Into Your Rooftop Tent?

1. Usage of Stairs or Ramps

Using a ramp or stairs is the quickest and easiest way to bring your dog into your rooftop tent. Dog-specific ramps and stairs are available for purchase, or you can build your own from plywood or similar solid material. 

Your dog will find it simple to ascend into the tent once they are confident utilizing the ramp or stairs.

Place the ramp securely to the side of the car and the tent to use it. Ensure your dog can use it without shifting or moving and is stable. Start by encouraging your dog to climb the ramp using a reward or toy. 

You can begin training your dog to utilize the ramp without a treat or toy if they are confident using it.

2. Train your dog to climb

You can teach your dog to ascend to the rooftop tent with perseverance and training. Put a treat on the first step of the ladder or ramp to make your dog interested in climbing up to obtain it. 

If your dog is confident climbing to the top, gradually move the treat up the ladder or ramp.

It’s essential to take this training slowly and never force your dog to climb the ladder or ramp. If your dog is hesitant or nervous, step back and try again later. You can also use a clicker or a verbal cue to help your dog understand what you’re asking it to do.

3. Lift your dog

If your dog is small enough, you can lift them to the rooftop tent. Use proper lifting techniques and be careful not to injure yourself or your dog. Lack of exceptional and designed tools and equipment to lift your dog could lead to further damage to the car when installing the rooftop tent.

4. Use a Harness

If you’re worried about your dog slipping or falling while climbing the rooftop tent, you can use a harness to secure them. Attach the harness to a leash and guide your dog up the ladder or ramp. 

This harness will ensure that your pet is safely protected and not exposed to any physical danger that will affect their character or personality.

There are a variety of dog harnesses available on the market, but you’ll want to choose one specifically designed for use by a car or on a rooftop tent. 

These harnesses typically have a built-in leash attachment point that allows you to secure your dog to the ladder or ramp. To use a harness, secure it for your dog and guide them up the ladder or ramp using the leash. 

Once your dog is safely in the rooftop tent, you can remove the harness and allow them to move freely.

5. Practice at home first

Before you hit the road, practice getting your dog up into the rooftop tent at home. This practice will help your dog get comfortable with the process and allow you to work out any kinks before you’re out in.

6 . Carrying Them Up

This is the Old Faithful of the list: carry your dog in your arms while you climb the ladder. The two dogs I’ve had during my Roofnest ownership weighed more than 65 pounds. I’m a tall, athletic fellow in my mid-30s, so carrying my dogs up the ladder isn’t a big lift.

When I have friends at camp with me, I ask them to “belay” me. No, we don’t hook up climbing harnesses: I have them stand behind me while I climb the ladder with my dog in my arms. 

That way, should I slip or lose my balance, there’s someone there to help prevent me from falling. I’ve never slipped or lost balance, but I’m not trying to risk it.

7. Creating Ramps

Short of carrying your dog up the ladder, the next most popular option is to cover the ladder in a material that effectively transforms it into a ramp.

A retail product designed for this purpose is the Doggo RTT Ramp by Desert Armor.

Attach the Doggo RTT Ramp to your ladder, put the bottom of the ladder on a gearbox to lower the angle of ascent/descent, and coax your canine companion to run themselves in and out of your rooftop tent. 

I’ve also seen some campers create homemade solutions with carpet rolls. The Doggo RTT Ramp is a solid turnkey solution for those who are not keen on MacGyver-ing it.

Final Thoughts

Instead of using your levitational abilities to entertain your pals at parties, you may be helping your dog enter and exit your Roofnest rooftop tent. I am aware that you cannot levitate. 

But wouldn’t it be great if you did?

To summarize, there isn’t a magic trick for getting giant dogs into and out of your Roofnest RTT. But where there is a will, there is a way. Any approach you select can be practical if you are patient with your dog and give them lots of treats throughout the procedure.

Outdoor enthusiasts frequently choose rooftop tents as a camping choice since they provide a cozy and practical method to take advantage of nature. 

But, pet owners may find bringing their furry friends into the tent challenging. This essay will discuss how to get your dogs inside your rooftop tent.

Getting your dog used to climbing up is the first step in getting them into your rooftop tent. You can start by training on a lower level, such as a car or a common platform. Throughout this procedure, it’s critical to show your dog patience. 

Before kids feel confident ascending to the rooftop tent, it can take a few tries, but with time and experience, it will get a lot simpler.

Next, put a ramp or step chair adjacent to the rooftop tent to make it easier for your dog to clamber. Thanks to this, your dog can stand and sit more easily without exerting too much stress on their joints. 

Most pet stores carry ladders and step stools made expressly for dogs, but you can also create your own if you’re crafty.

You can encourage your dog to climb once the ladder or step stool is set up. You can encourage your dog by giving it snacks or toys and rewarding them each time they make headway until they reach the top.

Always praise your dog for good behavior and make the training process enjoyable. In conclusion, it may take some time and practice, but bringing your dog inside your rooftop tent is possible.

You may assist your dog in quickly climbing to the tent by commencing with a lower platform, utilizing a ramp or step stool, and employing positive reinforcement. While your dog is up there, remember to keep your dog safe and comfy for a safe and pleasurable camping trip.

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