Best Instant Coffee for Camping: Top Picks and Tips for Outdoor Brews (2023-2024)

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Instant coffee has come a long way since its early days of being a mere convenience option for those craving a quick caffeine fix. Today, many instant coffee brands provide quality flavors and aroma that rival even the best ground coffee. For camping enthusiasts, this advancement in instant coffee means you no longer have to compromise on taste and quality when you’re out in the wilderness and craving a good cup of java.

One major advantage of instant coffee for camping is its lightweight and space-saving packaging, making it easy to pack and carry around as you explore the great outdoors. Plus, the simple preparation process – just mixing the coffee with hot water – means you don’t need to bring extra brewing equipment, saving both space and effort.

We set out to find the best instant coffee options for camping enthusiasts, doing extensive research and testing to identify the ones that truly stand out for their taste, quality, and overall camping-friendly features. So grab your camping gear, and let’s dive into our top picks for the best instant coffee to enjoy during your next outdoor adventure.

Best Instant Coffee for Camping

Pack your bags, as we’ve compiled the ultimate list of top instant coffees suitable for your next camping adventure. Enjoy the great outdoors without compromising on taste and quality.

Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee

Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee

If you’re searching for the perfect instant coffee for camping, don’t overlook Alpine Start’s delicious and convenient option.


  • 100% Colombian Arabica coffee
  • Lightweight, portable single packets
  • Compatible with various diets (vegan, dairy-free, paleo, non-GMO)


  • Limited aroma compared to other options
  • Expensive for an instant coffee
  • May require two packets for a larger cup with richer flavor

After trying Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee on a recent camping trip, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to enjoy a delicious medium roast coffee in the great outdoors. Made with 100% Colombian Arabica coffee, the flavor surpasses most instant coffee options. The handy single packets make it a breeze to pack and prepare.

This instant coffee is an excellent choice for various lifestyle and dietary preferences since it’s brewed from high-altitude Colombian Arabica beans compatible with vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, paleo, and non-GMO lifestyles. That means more people in your camping group can enjoy it without worry.

However, it’s worth noting that while the taste is pleasant, the aroma may not be as strong as other instant coffee options. Furthermore, the price is on the higher end for instant coffee. If you have a larger cup or prefer a richer flavor, you may need to use two packets, which could be a drawback for some campers.

All in all, Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee is an excellent choice for those who prioritize taste, dietary compatibility, and ease of use while camping. Just keep in mind that the price is higher than traditional grocery-store options, and you might need more than one packet for a satisfying cuppa.

Death Wish Coffee Instant Coffee Dark Roast

Death Wish Coffee Instant Coffee Dark Roast

You’ll love this coffee if you’re looking for an extra kick of caffeine while camping.


  • Quick and easy preparation
  • High caffeine content for an energy boost
  • Smooth and bold flavor


  • May be too strong for some users
  • A bit pricey
  • Not recommended for multiple servings per day

On your next camping trip, you’ll appreciate the convenience of Death Wish Coffee Instant Coffee Dark Roast. Its single-serve packets make it easy to prepare a quick and delicious cup of coffee. No need to worry about grinding beans or finding a coffee maker – just pour in hot water, stir, and enjoy.

One of the main selling points of this coffee is its high caffeine content. With 300mg of caffeine per serving, it definitely gives you a strong energy boost to kickstart your day. However, caution is advised as too much caffeine intake can have adverse effects. Stick to one packet a day and you’re good to go.

The blend of Arabica and Robusta beans in this instant coffee creates a bold and intense flavor that coffee connoisseurs will surely enjoy. You won’t feel like you’re sacrificing good taste for convenience while camping with this coffee.

However, be prepared to pay a bit more for this added caffeine and taste. Some users may find the price a little steep compared to other instant coffee options. Plus, due to its high caffeine content, it’s not advisable to consume multiple servings per day. Be mindful of your caffeine tolerance and adjust your consumption accordingly.

Death Wish Coffee Instant Coffee Dark Roast is a great option for camping enthusiasts who want to enjoy a bold-tasting and energy-boosting coffee experience. Keep in mind its high caffeine content and price when making your decision.

SaturnBird Specialty Instant Coffee

SaturnBird Specialty Instant Coffee

This SaturnBird Specialty Instant Coffee is perfect for your next camping trip, offering the convenience of a flavorful coffee without compromising on taste.


  • Retains flavor with ZEROLOSS Super Extraction freeze-drying technology
  • Convenient individually packaged single-serve packets
  • Instantly dissolves in iced water for a quick iced coffee


  • Slightly pricey compared to other instant coffees
  • Plastic packaging may raise environmental concerns
  • Some customers preferred the milder flavors

When you’re out camping, you want a coffee that’s easy to prepare and tastes great. SaturnBird’s Specialty Instant Coffee is a fantastic option to consider. With their innovative freeze-drying technology, it retains the flavor of freshly ground coffee, giving you that delicious cafe experience in the outdoors.

One of the unique features of this coffee is its ability to dissolve instantly in iced water. In just three seconds, you can have a refreshing iced coffee, ready to enjoy. The single-serve packets also make it easy to bring your favorite beverage on the go—simply toss a few into your backpack, and you’re all set.

Naturally, no product is perfect. Some customers found the coffee to be on the pricier side compared to competitors, but it may be worth the investment for many coffee lovers. Others raised concerns about the plastic packaging and preferred the milder flavors in the variety pack.

Ultimately, the SaturnBird Specialty Instant Coffee offers a convenient, delicious, and portable coffee option for campers and travelers alike. Give it a try on your next adventure and see if it becomes your go-to beverage.

BOOMI Instant Coffee for Camping

BOOMI Instant Coffee

This instant coffee offers a convenient and flavorful option, perfect for your next camping trip.


  • Rich, balanced flavor from 100% Arabica beans
  • Lightweight, single-serve packets ideal for backpacking
  • Ethically sourced from Eastern Ghats tribal communities


  • A little strong for some tastes
  • May not satisfy cravings for gourmet coffee
  • Limited to medium roast only

Boomi Instant Coffee has made a name for itself in the world of camping and outdoors. Their single-serve packets are crafted from 100% Arabica beans, ensuring a rich and balanced medium roast coffee that you’ll enjoy sipping on during your camping mornings. The beans are ethically sourced from the Eastern Ghats tribal communities, known for their dedication to quality coffee. This adds a feel-good factor to your caffeine fix!

When you’re backpacking, weight and space are crucial. That’s when Boomi Instant Coffee’s lightweight, single-serve packets become your camping best friend. Each packet is sealed for freshness and designed for convenient use, making them perfect as your go-to travel coffee packs. Just add hot water, and you’ll be savoring a satisfying cup of coffee.

While Boomi Instant Coffee offers many advantages for camping enthusiasts, it does have a few drawbacks. Some users find the coffee a little strong for their taste, and it may not match up to freshly brewed gourmet coffee cravings. And, there is only a medium roast option for those who prefer different roast levels.

Boomi Instant Coffee is a solid choice for campers seeking a convenient and flavorful coffee option. With ethically sourced beans and lightweight single-serve packets, it’s perfect for satisfying your caffeine needs on the go. Just be aware of the strength and consider your roast preferences before purchasing.

Nescafe Instant Coffee Sticks – Espresso

Nescafe Instant Coffee Sticks

For a quick and flavorful coffee fix while camping, Nescafe Instant Coffee Sticks are a fantastic choice.


  • Rich espresso flavor
  • Convenient 25-stick pack
  • 100% Arabica coffee


  • Not EBT eligible
  • May require double-strength for boldness
  • Imported from France, possibly higher cost

Nescafe’s Instant Coffee Sticks offer a rich and strong espresso taste that might be hard to find when searching for instant coffee options. These sticks are easy to prepare, making them perfect for camping trips. All you need to do is mix one stick with approximately 2.3 fl. oz. of water, and you’re all set to enjoy your coffee.

This pack of instant coffee comes with 25 sticks, ensuring you have enough supply to last throughout your camping trip. Made from 100% Arabica beans, Nescafe has upheld its commitment to high-quality ingredients, delivering that authentic, freshly-brewed coffee taste.

One drawback to consider is that the Nescafe Instant Coffee Sticks are not EBT eligible. This means that if you are using EBT for your grocery purchases, you might not be able to include these sticks in your shopping list. Additionally, some users have found the instant coffee not strong enough, requiring two sticks for a bolder flavor. It’s worth noting, though, that personal taste preferences can differ.

Imported from France, these Nescafe Instant Coffee Sticks might be at a higher price point compared to locally sourced instant coffee options. However, their rich flavor and convenient packaging make them a solid choice for those who want a quality coffee experience during their camping adventures.

Buying Guide

Consider Your Preferences

When selecting the best instant coffee for your camping trips, you’ll want to start by considering your taste preferences. Are you a fan of bold, dark roasts, or do you prefer a light, fruity flavor? Knowing your palate will guide you towards the right products. It’s also worth thinking about caffeine content – whether you want a fully caffeinated kick to start your day or you prefer a decaf option.

Look at Quality and Convenience

When you’re out camping, convenience matters. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Packaging: Look for single-serve packets or sticks that are easy to tear and mix, this’ll save you some hassle.
  • Solubility: The instant coffee should dissolve quickly and easily in hot water – no clumps or residue left behind.
  • Expiry Dates: Ensure the product has a long shelf-life, as it might sit in your backpack for a while.

Check the Ingredients

Pay attention to the ingredients listed in your instant coffee:

Must-haveNice-to-haveStay away from
CoffeeNatural FlavorsArtificial Flavors
 AgglomeratedAdded sugars

Choose one with a pure coffee base, and if you’re keen on flavorings, opt for those with natural flavors. It’s best to avoid artificial additives or excessive sugars.

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