Best Pop Up Camper Accessories for Ultimate Convenience on the Road (2024)

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Pop up campers offer the perfect balance between the rugged outdoor experience of tent camping and the comfort of RV travel. Compact and lightweight, they provide a hassle-free approach to adventuring without the bulk or expense of larger recreational vehicles. When it’s time to hit the road, everything folds neatly into a box, making them easy to tow and maneuver.

Accessorizing your pop up camper can enhance the overall camping experience. From functional items to creature comforts, there’s a wide range of products designed to maximize space and convenience. Every accessory fits the unique foldable nature of pop up campers, ensuring that even when space is at a premium, utility doesn’t have to be compromised.

As you consider upgrades, focus on the build quality and compatibility of accessories. Material durability, ease of installation, and product warranties are critical factors to ensure your chosen add-ons stand up to the rigors of travel and the elements. Also, consider how the weight and size of each item impact your camper’s towing dynamics and storage capacity.

With the right set of accessories, your pop up camper can become even more of a home away from home. We’ll now look at some of the top accessories that keep comfort and convenience firmly on the itinerary.

Essential Pop Up Camper Accessories

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or gearing up for your first adventure, the right pop up camper accessories can make all the difference in your journey. From functional gadgets to space-saving solutions, we’ve rounded up top picks to enhance your camping experience. Let’s dive into the essentials that will help you camp smart, pack efficiently, and enjoy the great outdoors with ease.

GEARFLAG Camper Cover

GEARFLAG Pop-up Folding Camper Cover

Ensure your pop-up camper remains in pristine condition with this robust cover’s superior weather protection.


  • Easily withstands harsh weather conditions
  • Tailored fit for various pop-up camper sizes
  • Simple installation with a secure hold


  • Strap length may be excessive for smaller campers
  • Not ideal for towing; remove prior to hitting the road
  • Ventilation could be improved for better dampness prevention

You’ve just parked your camper, and the running thought is keeping it safe from the whims of nature. This cover is a godsend for that purpose. Three layers of heavy-duty fabric snugly embrace your camper, and despite the wind’s best efforts, those secure side-straps ensure the cover stays put. With the width accommodating most pop-ups, you’ll likely find it covers everything snugly.

However, if you’ve got a more petite camper, those straps might be too much, leaving you to wonder if a knot-tying workshop is in order. While the cover is akin to a sturdy shield against snow and rain, don’t assume it’ll double as a travel companion; it’s a stay-at-home kind of gear.

Let’s talk breathability. The integrated vents aim to shoo away any dampness, keeping mold at bay when your camper hibernates. If only there were a few more vents for added assurance. All in all, you’re making a solid investment in your camper’s longevity with this GEARFLAG cover.

ZOUYO Collapsible Dish Rack

ZOUYO Collapsible Dish Rack

You’ll appreciate how this dish rack streamlines your camper clean-up and saves space.


  • Collapses for easy storage, freeing up precious room in your camper
  • Integrated utensils holder keeps small items secure
  • Durable, BPA-free materials ensure health safety and are dishwasher friendly


  • Some users experience warping which may affect stability
  • The drainage board may not fit perfectly in all RV sinks
  • Plastic components may crack under rough handling

After a meal outdoors, cleanup should be the least of your worries. The ZOUYO dish rack is a godsend for that very reason. Its collapsible design means it disappears under the sink when you’re done, like it was never there. You know how cramped a pop-up can feel after a feast; this gadget acts like magic to reclaim your space.

The feel of the heavy-duty plastic and silicone build has a reassuring solidity that doesn’t betray its foldable nature. It holds a surprising amount of dishes for its size. Even after a hearty family meal, this rack is up to the task of cradling your dishes as they dry off under the open sky or the cozy comfort of your camper.

Let’s talk about its integrated utensils holder. Ever had spoons and forks slipping through the cracks or playing hide and seek in larger dish racks? This one puts an end to the game. Small items slot in neatly, so they’re right where you left them, clean and ready to stow away.

True, it’s hardy, but remember, it’s not invincible. Avoid tossing it around like it’s one of your sturdier kitchen implements. Treat it with a bit of care, and it’ll be a part of your camping gear for many getaways to come. Also, keep in mind that you might have to tweak the positioning a bit; the drainage board, while functional, might not be a universal fit.

In short, the ZOUYO dish rack will likely earn its place as a staple among your pop-up camper gear; for its Space-saving wizardry, the peace of mind of BPA-free materials, and the sheer convenience of a utensil holder, it’s a camper’s kitchen ally.

Camco Wheel Dock

Camco Heavy Duty Wheel Dock

Whether you’re a camper enthusiast or just gearing up, the Camco Heavy Duty Wheel Dock ensures your setup remains stable and secure on various terrains.


  • Enhances stability, preventing the trailer from slipping
  • Portable with a convenient rope handle
  • Durable plastic build withstands the elements


  • One-size may not fit all wheel types
  • May require more than one for larger setups
  • Some units had a sticker that was difficult to remove

Campers who used the Camco Wheel Dock with a pop up camper immediately noticed a significant difference in stability. Its universal fit cradled the wheel snugly, and there was no sinking into the soft lakeside ground where I parked.

Even with the summer heat beating down, the robust yellow plastic didn’t warp or show signs of wear. It’s a relief knowing you won’t have to replace it any time soon. Plus, the bright color makes it easy to spot, so Iyou don’t forget it when packing up.

Storing this wheel dock is a breeze, thanks to its slim profile. Tossing it in the storage compartment, alongside other camping gear, didn’t take up much space. And when it’s time to move, the rope handle provided a comfortable grip for carrying.

WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Tent

WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Tent

You’d find this pop-up tent a solid pick for its ease of use and excellent portability for your outdoor adventures.


  • Pops up and collapses with ease, saving time and hassle
  • Lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry around
  • High UV protection and water repellency offer comfort and safety


  • Fits only one person, so not suitable for group use
  • Stability in the wind can be an issue despite the stakes
  • Collapsing it may require a bit of practice to get the hang of it

Right out of the bag, the tent impresses with its simplicity. With no assembly required, it springs to life, ready to provide you with a private space for changing or a quick shower. The spacious interior and the added rain fly mean you’re not only out of sight but also shielded from light rain, while the storage side bag and clothesline are thoughtful touches that underscore its functionality.

This tent’s portability shines when you’re carrying gear to the campsite, beach, or festival. The compact size when folded is remarkable, fitting effortlessly alongside your other gear without taking up much space. Plus, after a long hike, the tent’s lightweight design means setting up camp is one less chore to dread.

Despite its generally sturdy build, you might notice the tent sways a bit when the winds pick up. It’s a common trade-off with portable structures, yet the included stakes do their bit to help anchor it. And while it’s designed to be intuitive, practice at home might save you some fumbling around on your first use in the great outdoors.

SEAFLO Portable Toilet

SEAFLO Portable Toilet

Whether you’re off the grid or on a boat, you’ll appreciate the convenience and durability the SEAFLO portable toilet brings.


  • Compact design makes transportation a breeze
  • Sturdy construction supports up to 330 lbs without any hassle
  • Sealed valve locks in odors, keeping your space fresh


  • Emptying can be cumbersome for some
  • At 9.7 lbs, though lightweight, it might add to your load
  • Smaller waste tank means more frequent cleaning

When you’re adventuring in your popup camper, the last thing you want to worry about is comfort and hygiene. With the SEAFLO portable toilet, those concerns are a thing of the past. Its robust design feels sturdy even when you’re miles from the nearest restroom. The ergonomic handles make it easy to move, whether you’re setting up camp at dusk or breaking down at dawn.

Maintaining cleanliness on your travels is crucial. The convenience of a built-in slide valve that traps odors and prevents leaks is invaluable. You’ll notice this feature’s effect immediately – it keeps your camper smelling like the great outdoors, not the outhouse.

Although it’s light enough to carry to your preferred spot, the reality of filling up its smaller tank could mean more trips to dispose of waste than you’d prefer. Still, the rotating spout makes the process as hassle-free as possible, something you’ll be grateful for after a long day of hiking or fishing.

This portable toilet is a small but mighty addition to your gear. It eliminates the worry of cleanup with its easy-to-use disposal system. You’ll feel like you’ve brought a piece of home with you into the wilderness, ensuring you can focus more on making memories and less on where you’ll have to go when nature calls.

Camco Jack Pads

Camco Stabilizing Jack Pads

You’ll find these jack pads are a camper’s ally for maintaining stability and prolonging the life of your camper’s stabilizing gear.


  • Enhances stability on soft surfaces
  • Easy storage with interlocking design
  • Durable and UV resistant material


  • Not suitable for hydraulic jacks
  • Can be too small for larger jacks
  • Limited surface area for certain applications

Deploying the Camco jack pads under your camper stabilizers, you can’t help but appreciate the added stability they offer. Their bright yellow color isn’t just for looks – it means unmistakable visibility, reducing the risk of tripping around your site.

Storage isn’t an issue with these pads. They lock together into a compact stack and the included strap secures them neatly. You’ll be glad to avoid the clutter that so often comes with camping gear.

Their heavy-duty polypropylene construction strikes you as robust, capable of withstanding the rigors of outdoor use without quickly succumbing to wear and tear. The UV stabilization promises longevity, meaning less frequent replacements and more value for your money.

One thing to note is that these jack pads are not a one-size-fits-all solution. They were just right for my standard stack jacks, but if you have larger or unusually shaped feet on your stabilizing gear, you might find the fit a bit too snug for comfort. Despite this, their intended purpose is served remarkably well on a variety of terrains. Just make sure you’re not trying to pair them with hydraulic jacks, as they’re not designed for that use.

In some scenarios, like unusually soft or uneven ground, I found myself wishing the pads offered a bit more surface area. Though adequate in most cases, on those particular terrains, larger pads can offer a bit more peace of mind.

All in all, these jack pads from Camco are a worthy addition to your camper accessories. They’re built well, they do their job effectively, and when it comes time to move to the next campsite, they won’t be a hassle to pack up and take along.

Camco Pop-Up Utility Container

Camco Utility Container

You’ll appreciate how the Camco utility container simplifies your outdoor waste management.


  • Lightweight design allows for easy mobility
  • Collapsible feature saves precious storage space
  • Aesthetic charm adds a touch of style to utility


  • Stability may be an issue in windy conditions
  • Not animal proof when used for waste
  • Limited to holding only light to moderate weights

Storing your gear can often feel like solving a complex puzzle, especially when you’re trying to pack everything into a pop-up camper. This Camco utility container really shines in that aspect. It folds down to a mere 2.5 inches, easily sliding into the narrowest space in the trunk.

When it is time to set up camp, the utility container springs into action, literally popping up to hold a 30-gallon trash bag. The sketched RV and tree design blended seamlessly with the great outdoors, making it a subtle yet attractive addition to our campsite.

Despite its light frame, the built-in handles stand up to the test of filling it with nearly a weekend’s worth of cans and bottles. However, I noticed it swayed a bit in the gusty evening breeze. Planting it firmly with the included stake proved to be a necessary step. Closing it up for the night with the zippered lid, I didn’t worry about any unwelcome critter making a mess. It’s not only a simple trash solution but also doubles up as a handy storage for those extra campsite knick-knacks.


Your pop-up camper can be transformed into a cozy and practical home away from home with the right accessories.

Remember, the best accessories cater to your specific needs, always opt for durability, and think multi-functionality to get the most out of your space. 

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