Best Tents With Stove Jack For Winter Camping: Top Picks in 2023

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Tents with stove jacks are the game-changers of the cold-weather camping realm. Picture this: a rugged canvas tent, snow softly falling outside, and within, a warm stove crackling, making your shelter a haven against winter’s bite. It’s not just camping; it’s glamping in the heart of Jack Frost’s kingdom.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your winter escapades and embrace the ultimate blend of nature and comfort, you’re in the right spot. Dive in as we unfold the magic of tents equipped with stove jacks and guide you to the toastiest winter camping experience ever.

10 Best Tents With Stove Jacks For Winter Camping

Check out our top picks for the best tent with stove jack for toasty adventures in the great outdoors. These tents will keep you warm, dry, and loving every minute spent in Mother Nature’s embrace. 

Naturehike 2 Person Hot Tent with Stove Jack

Naturehike 2 Person Hot Tent

The Naturehike 2 Person Hot Tent with Stove Jack is perfect for winter camping enthusiasts who want warmth and comfort without sacrificing portability.


  • Excellent wind resistance
  • Spacious design for 2 people with room, hall, and vestibule
  • Lightweight and portable for backpacking trips


  • Might be challenging for long-distance backpacking
  • Could use more ventilation windows
  • May not be the most budget-friendly option

Campers who tried out the Naturehike 2 Person Hot Tent with Stove Jack gave it two thumbs up. What really stood out to them was how windproof this tent was, thanks to the 7001 aluminum alloy cross frame. Winter weather tends to be unpredictable, so having a tent that’s stable in strong winds is essential.

Another great feature of this tent is its spacious design with a room, hall, and vestibule. They found it quite comfortable for two people to camp in, and the stove jack made it possible for them to stay warm inside the tent even in frigid temperatures. Having a porch area also provided extra space for gear and activities.

This tent is lightweight, weighing only 8.8 pounds, and compact at 20.5 x 9 x 6.7 inches when packed. While it’s great for short hikes and car camping trips, they did notice that backpacking for longer distances might be more challenging with this tent. Ideally, you’d want to throw it on a sled and drag it during snowy conditions, rather than carry it on your back.

They also noticed that the Naturehike tent only has two ventilation windows, which could be improved for better airflow and reduced condensation problems. However, the breathable mesh fabric of the inner tent partially compensates for this.

While not the most budget-friendly option, the Naturehike 2 Person Hot Tent still provides good value for its high-quality materials, 4-season compatibility, and the stove jack feature. Overall, this tent is a great choice for winter campers who prioritize warmth and comfort while still wanting a lightweight, portable solution.

Dandelion Shell Hot Tent Winter Camping Tent

Dandelion Shell Hot Tent

Invest in the Dandelion Shell Hot Tent for an ultimate winter camping experience; warmth, comfort, and durability guaranteed.


  • Spacious interior for 3-4 people
  • Heat-resistant stove jack
  • Superior material with impressive insulation


  • Might take time to learn the setup
  • Poles could be sturdier
  • Stove not included

Campers who tried the Dandelion Shell Hot Tent say it is one of the best winter camping tents out there, especially for those looking to stay warm and cozy. The spacious interior allows for comfortable accommodation of 3-4 people, perfect for family trips or camping with friends. Even with four campers and a stove, it remains roomy and comfortable.

The heat-resistant stove jack is a game-changer for those winter nights. Made from fiberglass, it allows the use of a wood-burning stove without the risk of fire. However, keep in mind that the stove is not included, but the vent with a detachable jack ensures better lighting when you aren’t using it.

Crafted from specialized 20D single-sided silicone nylon, this tent offers excellent insulation and can withstand diverse and challenging weather conditions. It boasts a rainproof rating of 3000mm and wind resistance level 7, ensuring that you stay dry and warm even in cold climates. They did find the poles a bit on the lighter side, which might need extra care during the windy weather.

The tent is pretty easy to carry and set up once you get the hang of it. The support poles can be adjusted between 70 and 86 inches, and with the flexible ropes and ground pegs, you can have this tent up and ready in about 10 minutes. The only downside is learning the setup – give yourself some time to practice, so you’re prepared when you hit the campsite.

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

You won’t regret choosing this tent for an excellent winter camping experience.


  • High-quality, breathable fabric
  • Spacious and comfortable for various group sizes
  • Durable and weather-resistant


  • No stove jack included
  • Central pole may obstruct some layouts
  • Not as tall as some users may expect

For campers who took the WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent on a winter camping trip, it exceeded their expectations. The 100% cotton 8.5 oz. Army Duck Canvas fabric allowed for breathability while remaining waterproof and UV-resistant. No matter the weather, they stayed dry and comfortable inside.

The yurt-style design made the tent feel incredibly spacious, with a standard wall height of 1’3″ and a center height of 5’2″. They loved how versatile the space was for their group of varying sizes. From a couple’s getaway to a family adventure, this tent can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people (depending on the size you choose).

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The tent does not come with a stove jack, so you’ll need to purchase one separately if you plan to use a wood stove for heating. Additionally, the central pole may limit some interior layout options, and the tent’s height might not be as tall as some campers would like.

But overall, the WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent impressed with its durability and weather resistance. They encountered various weather conditions, yet the tent stood strong against the elements. The double-layered windows and doors offered extra protection without sacrificing much-needed ventilation.

WHITEDUCK Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

WHITEDUCK Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

If you’re looking for a well-rounded, spacious, and high-quality tent for winter camping, the WHITEDUCK Avalon Canvas Bell Tent is the one to get.


  • Durable and weatherproof canvas fabric
  • High-quality features, including double-stitched seams and galvanized steel poles
  • Pre-installed heat-resistant stove jack for warmth and cooking


  • Heavier and not as portable as some other tents
  • Might take a bit more time to set up
  • Slippery floor material

The standout feature of this tent is the breathability of the canvas fabric while still maintaining waterproof capabilities. The natural white color of the DYNADUCK canvas material is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional as well.

The tent’s design includes an A-frame door and heavy-duty zippers, which not only ensure maximum functionality but also make it a strong contender for four-season camping. The tent also comes with a detachable zip-in/zip-out floor, allowing for easy entry and customization as needed. Moreover, the strategic placement of the ventilated roof ensures that the airflow within the tent is maintained at all times.

One of the most significant advantages of the WHITEDUCK Avalon Bell Tent for winter camping is the pre-installed silicone-coated stove jack, which allows for safe cooking and heating options inside the tent even during cold nights. Granted, the tent can be a bit heavy and may take some time to set up. But trust us, this is well worth the effort considering the comfort and space it provides, especially during winter camping.

Keeping in mind the fact that the tent’s floor material can be slippery, we recommend adding a layer of rugs or foam tiles for increased safety and comfort. Overall, for anyone on the lookout for a durable, spacious, and functional winter camping tent, the WHITEDUCK Avalon Canvas Bell Tent is undoubtedly one of the best choices out there.

KingCamp Hot Tent with Stove Jack

KingCamp Hot Tent

The KingCamp Hot Tent is a must-have for winter camping enthusiasts, with its excellent warmth retention, stove jack feature, and sturdy construction.


  • Premium TC cotton fabric for warmth and durability
  • Unique rainfly for a front porch setup and dual entrances
  • Stove jack design for indoor heating and outdoor cooking


  • Slightly unclear entry setup
  • May not be suitable for backpacking due to weight
  • Stitching in some areas could be improved

The premium TC cotton fabric on the KingCamp Hot Tent does an excellent job of keeping you warm and cozy, even in freezing temperatures. Setting up the tent is fairly straightforward, although some may struggle a bit to figure out where the entry points are at first.

One of the standout features of this tent is the stove jack design, which allows you to heat the tent with a wood stove and even cook outside, making your camping experience much more enjoyable. The unique rainfly also impresses, as it can be set up as a front porch for added living space, and, combined with the dual entrances, made moving in and out of the tent a breeze.

However, we think this tent might not be the best choice for backpacking trips, as it is a bit on the heavier side. Additionally, while the overall quality of the tent is excellent, some stitching could be improved for better longevity.

Overall, we highly recommend the KingCamp Hot Tent with Stove Jack for anyone looking to stay warm and comfortable on their winter camping adventures. Its impressive features and durable construction make it well worth the investment.

OneTigris TEGIMEN Hammock Hot Tent with Stove Jack

OneTigris TEGIMEN Hammock Hot Tent

This tent is a great choice for winter camping enthusiasts who want a spacious, durable, and easy-to-set-up solution with stove compatibility.


  • Large enough for standard-sized hammocks
  • 70D ripstop nylon construction for durability and weather resistance
  • Two stove jacks for flexible stove pipe angles


  • May not be as tall as some campers prefer
  • Takes practice to set up quickly
  • No setup instructions included in the package

Campers who used the OneTigris TEGIMEN Hammock Hot Tent on a winter camping trip were quite impressed by the overall quality and design. The tent’s 70D ripstop nylon construction not only provides durability but also excellent protection from snow, rain, and wind.

Setting up the tent for the first time was a bit challenging, as there were no instructions included in the package. However, after some trial and error, they managed to get it up and running. We recommend practicing the setup before heading out on your trip, as it becomes significantly easier with experience.

The OneTigris tent was spacious enough to accommodate standard-sized hammocks and even left some room for our camping gear. We appreciated the inclusion of two stove jacks, which allow you to customize our stove pipe setup for maximum heat efficiency. The tent’s snow skirt provids excellent heat retention during chilly nights, ensuring you stay warm and dry throughout your adventure.

The only drawbacks we found were the tent’s height, which may be limiting for taller campers, and the absence of setup instructions. However, these issues were relatively minor, given the overall quality and functionality of the OneTigris TEGIMEN Hammock Hot Tent.

WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent provides a comfortable and spacious tent experience for large groups and families during winter camping.


  • Spacious and versatile design
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Excellent ventilation and view


  • Requires two to three people to set up
  • No back window
  • Stove jack not pre-cut

The spacious design of the WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent comfortably accommodates your group, and the canvas material provides excellent insulation against the cold weather while remaining breathable.

The tent comes with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and PVC floor, which adds extra support and protection from the elements. The large windows offer great ventilation without losing heat and provide an excellent view of the outdoors. The military-grade YKK zippers, weatherproof skirting, and sod cloth all contribute to the tent’s durability and weather resistance.

However, there were a few minor drawbacks. Setting up the tent requires at least two or three people, which can be cumbersome. Additionally, there is no back window, which some campers might prefer for extra ventilation or a better view. And, the stove jack is not pre-cut, which means it takes a bit more effort to get it set up properly.

Despite these minor issues, the WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent is an excellent choice for family camping, large group camping, and even living in a tent. Its combination of spaciousness, durability, and practical features make it a reliable option for a comfortable winter camping experience.

Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

Playdo Waterproof Cotton Canvas Tent

Whether you’re a seasoned winter camper or new to the experience, the Playdo Waterproof 4-Season Tent is an impressive option with its notable features and quality construction.


  • Sturdy and waterproof 300gsm cotton fabric material
  • Convenient stove pipe hole and electric cable hole
  • 4-season tent capable of withstanding various weather conditions


  • Heavy and bulky, making it difficult for solo campers to set up
  • Stakes not included in the package
  • Lack of an inner tent for added insulation

Campers who tried out the Playdo Waterproof 4-Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent during a winter camping trip and found it to be an excellent choice for staying warm and cozy in colder weather. The heavy-duty cotton fabric material is not only waterproof but also snow-resistant, making it ideal for various weather conditions.

One of the most notable features of this tent is the stove pipe hole located on the top, making it perfect for setting up a wood-burning stove. This is especially helpful in pumping in extra warmth during freezing nights. Additionally, the tent includes an electric cable hole, keeping the surroundings tidy and uncluttered for a comfortable camping experience.

Now, when it comes to setting up the tent, it may be a bit challenging for solo campers due to its weight and size. We recommend having at least one partner to assist in the tent assembly process. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that the package does not include stakes, so make sure you get some before heading out on your adventure.

One downside to consider is the lack of additional insulation provided by an inner tent. This can be addressed by adding layers inside the tent or using a thicker sleeping bag.

Overall, the Playdo Waterproof 4-Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent is a fantastic option for those seeking a reliable and cozy winter camping experience. With its durable construction and impressive features, it’s well worth the investment for any avid camper.

Russian-Bear RBM Outdoors Hot Tent with Stove Jack

RBM Outdoors Hot Tent with Stove Jack

This versatile and well-designed hot tent is perfect for anyone seeking a comfortable winter camping experience with a stove jack.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Double-layered insulation
  • Tough and durable construction


  • Stove not included
  • Smaller interior space
  • Slightly heavy

The Russian-Bear RBM Outdoors Hot Tent with Stove Jack impressed us with its design and innovative features. First things first, the installation is a breeze. The unique umbrella-like system allows the tent to be set up quickly and easily, and the provided pegs ensure it stays secure on any terrain.

This hot tent boasts a double-layered structure that offers insulation and warmth during colder seasons. The outer layer is made of Oxford 300 PU 4000 fabric, while the inner layer uses Oxford 210 fabric with a moisture-repellent PU 2000 mm impregnation. We found this combination keeps you warm and dry in various weather conditions.

Another aspect we appreciated was the tent’s durability. The frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy B95T1 (8mm diameter), allowing it to hold up against harsh weather. Additionally, the dome shape adds to its aerodynamic properties, making it more resistant to strong winds.

However, the stove jack is built-in, but the stove itself isn’t included in the package, which means you’ll need to buy it separately. The tent’s interior space is also a bit smaller, accommodating only three people comfortably, so it may not be suitable for larger groups. Finally, the tent is relatively heavy at 36.38 pounds, which could be a downside for some campers.

Despite these negatives, the Russian-Bear RBM Outdoors Hot Tent with Stove Jack is a fantastic option for those looking to go winter camping, fishing, or hunting in smaller groups. The convenience of the built-in stove jack, along with the tent’s overall insulation and durability, make it a top pick for a cozy and secure winter outdoors adventure.

Guide Gear Base Camp Tent

Guide Gear Base Camp Tent

We highly recommend the Guide Gear Base Camp Tent for winter camping adventures, thanks to its durability, spaciousness and handy stove jack.


  • Spacious with a 14′ diameter and 10′ center height
  • Durable materials for long-lasting use
  • Stove jack for warmth during winter camping


  • Heavy at 62 pounds
  • Instructions may be confusing
  • Requires two people for easy setup

The Guide Gear Base Camp Tent has been a game-changer for winter camping trips. With a generous 14-foot diameter and a 10-foot center height, there’s enough room for your entire crew and all your gear. We appreciate the durability of this tent as it’s made from robust and long-lasting materials, making it perfect for multiple winter camping adventures.

What sets this tent apart from the rest is the stove jack. It fits a 5.5″ stove pipe and has a flame-retardant panel, allowing us to stay warm and cozy without worrying about safety concerns. The vented crown and five windows also offer excellent ventilation, keeping us cool when it’s warmer outside.

Setting up the Guide Gear Base Camp Tent can be a bit of a challenge as the instructions are somewhat confusing. We recommend setting it up with a friend or two, as it makes the process easier. However, once we figured it out, it was a breeze. Keep in mind that this tent is on the heavier side, weighing 62 pounds. This might be a drawback for some, but we appreciate the trade-off between weight and durability.

Overall, the Guide Gear Base Camp Tent offers everything we need for comfortable winter camping. With its spacious interior, durability, and stove jack feature, it’s definitely worth considering for your next adventure.

Buying Guide

Winter camping can be an amazing experience, but it’s essential to have the right gear to stay warm and safe. One of the most important pieces of equipment is a tent with a stove jack. In this buying guide, we’ll walk you through some key features to look for when choosing the best tent with a stove jack for your winter camping adventures.

Material and Construction

It’s crucial that your tent is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the cold and harsh conditions in winter. Look for a tent that has a durable, waterproof outer material, like polyester or nylon. The poles should be strong and sturdy, typically made from aluminum or fiberglass.

Size and Weight

Consider the size and weight of the tent you want to purchase. If you’re heading out on a long hiking trip, you’ll want a lightweight tent that packs down small. If you’re car camping and space isn’t a concern, you might be happy with a roomier, heavier tent. Think about how many people will be using the tent, and make sure it has enough space for everyone.

Stove Jack Design

When it comes to stove jacks, there are a couple of different designs to choose from. Some tents have a built-in stove jack, while others have removable stove jack panels. A built-in stove jack is convenient because you won’t need to add any additional parts, but it may require extra care and maintenance. A removable panel allows for more flexibility and easier cleaning. Consider your preferences and determine which design is best for you.


Proper ventilation is essential in a tent with a stove jack, as the stove produces heat and moisture. Look for tents with vents near the roof or an adjustable chimney vent. This will help regulate air flow, so you can maintain a comfortable temperature inside the tent while the stove is burning.

Setup and Take-down

Winter camping can be challenging, especially when it comes to setting up and taking down your tent in cold and snowy conditions. Look for a tent with an easy-to-use setup system, like color-coded poles or quick-clip attachments. The easier it is to set up and take down your tent, the more enjoyable your winter camping experience will be.

By considering these features, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the best tent with a stove jack for your next winter camping adventure. Remember, it’s essential to prioritize warmth, safety, and comfort when it comes to winter camping gear.

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